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Our favorite destination is Mexico especially the Yucatan Peninsula. We fell in love with the friendliest locals and all those small villages tucked away in the jungle where the Mayan culture is ALIVE. The laughter of children playing, the mothers cooking over the open fire, the dad’s tending their granja or Milpas (farms) the traditional dishes, customs and rituals. The countless pyramids to discover and the wildlife all within the canopy of the jungle. Not to mention the most beautiful beaches in the world!

I must say what I enjoy the most……walking through the jungle in Punta Laguna with all the kids that I have seen grow up. And seeing all the Spider Monkeys flying through the trees, the smell of the jungle, hearing the Howler Monkey from a distance, the colorful birds singing then finally reaching la Laguna! The view is stunning! It always takes my breath away! And of course all the laughter and smiles of the kids, always saying to me… "Lets go swimming!" And well, a cool dip is perfect with good company!

Over the years we have made strong connections with many wonderful families in local communities they have opened their hearts and homes to us. We feel fortunate to have developed such warm friendships throughout the years. We have learned first-hand all their beautiful traditions and costumes. We have always been very passionate about responsible tourism, as long as you support local people, respect their culture and environment your being responsible. It’s that easy anyone who cares for a better place to live can do it!

How we give back…

We want to share with you all the beauty we have discovered! So, leave the hustle of the city behind and come with us and discover Responsible Travel. We are happy to work alongside “Dreams for Mayan Children” They are a non-profit charitable organization caring for the children's initial years of school education. Their strong belief in giving the children the chance of a better future lies at the heart of their organization. We volunteer and participate in many of their projects. Consider donating school supplies, gently used clothing or toys while visiting the villages. (Only can be done on certain excursions.)
For more info visit the official Facebook page! Dreams for Mayan Children

We partner with the up-most experienced certified guides and hotels to bring you the very best experience! Come and meet the locals and experience the real Mexico!

At Pure Paradise Travel, our concierge service will help you create your exceptional trip crafted just for you. We listen to your needs! Drop us a line and let us know, if it’s possible will make it happen! If you are interested in creating a private volunteering trip for a group ….Ask us!

Avoid Mass-Tourism and Crowded Tour Buses! You’re VIP with us!

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